Lunch Menu

Whether you are in the area for business or leisure, we have the perfect lunch bites and specialties to satisfy your cravings.


Guacamole | 17
made fresh just tell us how spicy you would like it; served with homemade tortillas and salsas   |   add chips +3

Panuchos de Cochinita Pibil | 18
axiote seed marinated roasted pork, shredded over handmade corn shells stuffed with refried black beans, served with avocado, habanero pico de gallo and pickled red onions

Queso Fundido con Chorizo | 20
melted Oaxaca cheese with mushrooms and chorizo

Sopes Surtidos | 18
sope assortment, with beans, chicken, shredded pork and sautéed vegetables; with crumbled queso fresco, onion and sour cream

Ceviche de Pescado | 22
fresh lime marinated white fish, green olives, jalapeño, onion, cilantro, tomato and olive oil

Tostadas de Tinga| 18
crisp golden handmade tortillas topped with stewed chicken and chipotle sour cream

Tostadas de Atun | 22
soy sauce, sesame oil, chipotle aioli, topped with fried leeks, fried
beets and avocade puree

Sopas y Ensaladas

Pozole Verde | 17
chicken and hominy soup, Sinaloa style, jalapeño chile, tomatillo and spices, topped with radish, lettuce, onion and oregano

Sopa de Tortilla | 14
a robust pasilla chile and tomato soup with tortilla strips, cheese and sour cream

Ensalada Mixta | 14
mixed greens, tomatoes, aged Cotija cheese, dried cherries, candied spicy pecans and cherry vinaigrette
| add Chicken or Tofu + 5


Carne Asada Estilo Sonora | 26
grilled steak, mixed vegetables, chile de arbol salsa, over a black bean sauce

Chile Relleno | (veg) 22 / (meat) 26
fire-roasted poblano pepper stuffed with your choice of vegetables and cheese or carnitas and chicharron, served over a black bean sauce

Tacos de Pescado | 22
corn tortilla, choice of tempura fish or tofu, cabbage slaw, chipotle aioli,
pickled vegetables

Enchiladas  | 22
corn tortilla enchiladas, choice of cheese or chicken, and choice of sauce: tomatillo-jalapeño verde sauce, tomato-chipotle roja sauce, or mole poblano

Flautas | 20
your choice of chicken or potato and soy chorizo filled corn tortillas, fried, topped with cream, queso fresco, lettuce, avocado and tomato sauce

Carnitas | 26
Michoacan style marinated tender chunks of pork, served with guajillo and arbol chiles salsa

Para Acompañar

Platanos con Crema | 10
sweet plantains with cream and cheese

Arroz a la Mexicana | 7
traditional Mexican rice with diced vegetables

Frijoles Negros | 7
black beans with epazote herb

Estofado | 10
zucchini, corn kernels, mushrooms, onions and pasilla chile

Carnaval Corn on the Cob | 7
grilled corm om the cob with chili-lime butter and cotija cheese

Chef de Cuisine Edgar Castro

In response to San Francisco Business Mandates, a 5% surcharge will be added to food and beverage sales.

No personal checks. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express accepted.

Restaurant Hours

MON – THURS: Lunch 11:30am – 4pm | Dinner 4pm – 9pm

FRIDAY: Lunch 11:30am – 4pm lunch | Dinner 4pm – 10pm

SATURDAY: Brunch 10:30am – 2pm | Dinner 2pm – 10pm

SUNDAY: Brunch 10:30am – 2pm | Dinner 2pm – 9pm

HAPPY HOUR: Monday – Friday, 3pm – 6pm



50 Moraga Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129



(415) 440-2737

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